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The Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) and the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) host the annual Partners in Environmental Technology Technical Symposium & Workshop. About the Sponsors

This annual event assembles more than 1,200 environmental researchers and technology developers with the defense user and regulatory communities to showcase cutting edge environmental technologies and ideas, as well as communicate the most difficult challenges of our defense establishment.

Mark your calendar for the 2012 event to be held in Washington, D.C., November 27-29.

Past Event Information

Information about past Partners Symposiums is available at the following links.
November 30–December 2, 2010
December 1-3, 2009
December 2-4, 2008 
December 4-6, 2007

2011 Symposium & Workshop Highlights

The Partners in Environmental Technology Technical Symposium & Workshop is a nationally recognized conference focusing on the Department of Defense’s (DoD) priority environmental issues. This year’s event offered an opening Plenary Session where the SERDP and ESTCP Projects of the Year were announced, 15 technical sessions and four short courses, more than 450 technical poster presentations, and exhibitors from funding and partnering organizations. There were a variety of networking opportunities for the more than 1,200 attendees from the military Services; academic and research institutions; private sector technology and environmental firms; and Federal, state, and local regulatory and policy making organizations.

Plenary Session and Project-of-the-Year Awards

Plenary Speakers - Symposium 2011

The opening Plenary Session featured three keynote speakers—Dr. John Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy; the Honorable Terry Yonkers, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Logistics; and Dr. Naomi Oreskes, Historian of Science and Author of Merchants of Doubt, How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco to Global Warming—who addressed environmental challenges facing DoD. Also part of the Plenary Session, SERDP and ESTCP Principal Investigators who have helped DoD achieve its mission while improving its environmental performance were honored as the annual SERDP and ESTCP Project-of-the-Year Awards were announced.


  • ENVIRONMENTAL RESTORATION:  Assessing Vapor Intrusion at Chlorinated Solvent-Impacted Sites (Dr. Paul C. Johnson, Arizona State University)
  • MUNITIONS RESPONSE:  Advanced Signal Processing for UXO Discrimination (Dr. Fridon Shubitidze, Dartmouth College and Sky Research, Inc.)
  • RESOURCE CONSERVATION & CLIMATE CHANGE:  Forecasting the Effects of Multiple, Interacting Stressors on At-Risk Populations (Dr. Joshua J. Lawler, University of Washington)
  • WEAPONS SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS:  Combustion Science to Reduce Particulate Matter Emissions for Military Platforms (Dr. Mel Roquemore, Air Force Research Laboratory)


  • Passive Sampling to Support Remediation Of Contaminated Sediments (Dr. Philip M. Gschwend, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Presentations are available under Plenary Session.

Technical Sessions and Short Courses

Tech Session

Technical sessions highlighted research and innovative technologies that address DoD's increasingly complex environmental challenges. On the last day of the event, four short courses in the environmental restoration and munitions response areas covered recent advancements in science and technology. For additional information, including presentations, refer to Technical Sessions and Short Courses.

Funding Opportunities Briefing

On Thursday, December 1, SERDP and ESTCP Executive Director Dr. Jeffrey Marqusee presented an overview of the proposal submittal processes and discussed opportunities to conduct research and technology demonstrations. This “how to play” briefing offered valuable information about new funding opportunities in SERDP and ESTCP. (Presentation)

Exhibit Hall

Exhibit Hall

The Symposium & Workshop featured poster presentations and exhibit booths that showcased technologies and scientific advancements from a variety of environmental research programs. Attendees had an opportunity to learn firsthand about ongoing and recently completed SERDP research projects and ESTCP technology demonstrations. Abstracts are available under Posters and Exhibit Booths.

Next Year’s Event

The 2012 Symposium & Workshop will be held November 27-29 in Washington, D.C. at the Washington Hilton. Watch the SERDP and ESTCP site ( for further details.

Program Guide

The Program Guide for the 2011 event contains the full agenda as well as abstracts for presentations and exhibitors.

Attendee List

A final Attendee List for the 2011 Symposium & Workshop has been e-mailed to attendees.

Technical Presentations

Presentations for each technical session and short course from the 2011 Symposium & Workshop are available under the Technical Sessions and Short Courses tabs.

Funding Opportunities Briefing

This "how to play" briefing given at the Symposium by SERDP and ESTCP’s Executive Director provides information about new opportunities to conduct research and technology demonstrations and the proposal submittal process.

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